Expression of Interest


1. Details provided on this form will be stored on a confidential database within the Department of Education.

2. Completion of this form does not constitute a confirmed enrolment.

3. Enrolment details and processes will be emailed to families once the school has confirmed eligibility based on enrolment criteria. Families who are deemed not in the designated zones will be notified via email.

4. Information provided in this form will support the school to make informed decisions and plan for staff recruitment, curriculum planning and many other operational factors.

Student Information

Student Name 

Parent Information

Parent Name
Do you have siblings currently attending Teesdale Primary School? 

Enrolment Information

Students must live within the boundaries of the Designated Neighbourhood Zone. 

Families will be required to provide proof of residence in this regard (utilities bill, rates notice, tenancy agreement or Contract of Sale).

Please use the link below to determine zoning eligibility